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Steel structure building widely used steel structure warehouse ,steel workshop , steel office ,other type of steel building

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Ⅰ. Products Description Steel structure is made up of steel materials and is a new type of building structure. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of H section steel and steel plate. The joints between steel components is usually welded and bolted. Because it have character of light weight and easy construction, it is widely used for large factory,warehouse,workshop, stadiums,bridges and super high rise buildings. Ⅱ. The building system H section steel column and steel beam , wall and roof purlin ,strutting piece , steel bracing , wall and roof panel, door and window ,and the accessories. 2
Main Steel Frame Column Q235, Q355 Welded /Hot Rolled H Section Steel
Beam Q235, Q355 Welded /Hot Rolled H Section Steel
Secondary Frame Purlin Q235 C or Z Type Purlin
Knee Brace Q235 Angle Steel
Tie Bar Q235 Circular Steel Pipe
Strutting Piece Q235 Round Bar
Vertical & Horizontal Bracing Q235 Angle Steel or Round Bar
Cladding System Roof Panel EPS / Rock Wool / Fiber Glass/PU Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet Panel
Wall Panel Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet Panel
Window Aluminiumn Alloy Window
Door Sliding Sandwich Panel Door / Rolling Shutter Door
Skylight FRP
Accessories Rainspout PVC
Gutter Made Steel Sheet / Stainless Steel
Connection Anchor Bolt Q235,M24/M45 etc
High Strength Bolt M12/16/20,10.9S
Normal Bolt M12/16/20,4.8S
Wind Resistance 12 Grades
Earthquake-Resistance  9  Grades
Surface Treatment Alkyd Paint.EpoxyZinc Rich Paint or Galvanized
The steel structure of the plant uses steel as the main structural element of the building. It can be designed as large or small. Due to its strength, durability and easy structure, the steel structure is used in most industries to build an industrial structure. Steel structures are usually used to design and build industrial factories. The size and shape of these factories are different. We provide different types of steel structure factories for various purposes: 1 )Enviromental friendly 2) Lower cost and maintenance 3) Long using time up to 50 years 4) Stable and earthquake resistance up to 9 grade 5) Fast construction, time saving and labor saving 6) Good appearance1If you have a drawing,we can quote for you accordingly If you don’t have a drawing,but interested in our steel structure building,kinldy provide the details as following 1.the size:length/width/height/eave height? 2.The location of the building and its usage. 3.The local climate,such as:wind load,rain load,snow load? 4.The doors and windows size,quantity,position? 5.What kind of panel do you like?sandwich panel or steel sheet panel? 6.Do you need crane beam inside the building?if need,what’s the capacity? 7.Do you need skylight? 8.Do you have any other requirements? Established in year 2003, Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd, with registered capital 16 million RMB, located in Dongcheng Development district, Linqu County,Taila is one of the largest steel structure related produsts manufacturer in China, specializes in construction design, manufacturing, instruction project construction, steel structure material etc. ,has the most advanced product line for H section beam, box column, truss frame, steel grid, light steel keel structure. Tailai also has the high precision 3-D CNC drilling machine, Z & C type purlin machine,multi-model color steel tile machine, floor deck machine, and fully equipped inspection line. Tailai has a very strong tecnology strength,including employee over 180,three senior engineers,20 engineers,one level A registered structural engineer,10 level A registered architectural engineers,50 level B registered architectural engineer,over 50 technicians. After years of development, now have 3 factories and 8 production lines. The factory area is more than 30000 square meters. and has been awarded ISO 9001 certificate and PHI Passive House Certificate. Exporting to more than 50 countries. Based on our hard work and wonderful group spirit, we will promote and popularize our products in more countries.. Steel structure factory shed The steel structure shed is designed for different purposes, such as for processing, design and distribution materials. It has simple structure, light weight, and reasonable cost. Steel structure workshop Steel structure workshops usually involve large and heavy equipment. They can be easily modified and strengthened to prepare for future use. Steel structure distribution warehouse The design and structure of steel structure warehouses are used for various purposes, such as storage and distribution materials. It can be according to your requirements. In addition, we provide light and heavy steel structures to meet your project specifications. The former has the characteristics of good rigidity, light weight, convenient transportation. In addition, because the amount of steel used to build wall and roof structure is less than the ordinary steel structure, it is an economic choice. The heavy steel structure is an ideal choice for building a variety of heavy industrial buildings and equipment support systems. Multi -layer steel structure plant The frame structure is a structure that is composed of many beams and columns to withstand all the loads of the house. Multi -layer civil buildings and multi -layered industrial factories, brick wall load -bearing no longer meets the requirements of large loads, often use frameworks as load -bearing structures. Single -layer steel structure plant The steel structure plant mainly refers to the main load -bearing component consisting of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roofs (of course, the span of the factory building is relatively large, basically the steel structure roof), the steel cover, the wall of the steel structure can also be maintained. Due to the increase in steel output in my country, many of them have begun to use steel structure factories, and they can also be divided into light and heavy steel structure factories. Industrial and civilian building facilities built with steel are called steel structures. Door -type steel structure plant The door -type steel structure plant is a traditional structural system. The upper part of this structure includes rigid frame beams, rigid columns, brackets, bars, rods, gable frames, etc. The door -type steel structure plant has the characteristics of simple stress, clear transmission path, fast component manufacturing, convenient factories processing, and short construction cycle. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as industrial, commercial, cultural, and entertainment public facilities Essence The steel structure of the door -style rigid -type house originated in the United States and has gone through the development of nearly a century. It has become a structural system with relatively complete design, manufacturing and construction standards. Advantages of factory steel structure High intensity, short weighted construction period, low cost and high -environmental large span better corrosion resistance and refractory resistance to facilitate transportation and installation of long customization design to meet your specific requirements

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