Prefab house Light Steel villa

Light steel villa mainly include : light steel frame ,decorative wall panel , roof tile ,door , window and the accessory.

Products Details

1. High structural stability 2.Easily assembled, disassembled and replaced. 3.Fast installation 4. Fit for any kinds of ground sill 5. Construction with little influence of climates 6. Personalized housing inside design 7. 92% usable floor area 8. Diverse appearance 9. Comfortable and energy saving 10. High recycle of the material 11. Wind and earthquake resist 12.Heat and sound insulation.1 1. Seismic steel structure villas can better resist the vibration. Even after the earthquake occurs, the phenomenon of collapse of the house will not be particularly serious, because the steel structure villa can evenly disperse the load of the vibration to reduce the collapse of the house. 2. The components of the installation of the steel structure villa are manufactured by a professional metal structure manufacturer, so its accuracy is very high. When installing a steel structure villa, you only need to set the assembly and assembly at the scene, so the steel structure villa is easy to install and the construction time is short. 3. Structural light steel structure villas are much lighter than other materials, but its high intensity is incomparable. It is precisely because of the light steel structure that it can be unlimited during the transportation process. 4. In the construction of the insulation fire steel structure villa, some thermal insulation materials will be filled inside and the surface is painted on the surface. 5. Plastic and good steel structure villas have good plastic properties, and they will not cause sudden breaks due to overload. It also strengthens the seismic resistance of steel structure villas to a certain extent and improves people's living safety. 4 5 6 7kjhgkuyIf you have a drawing,we can quote for you accordingly If you don’t have a drawing,but interested in our steel structure building,kinldy provide the details as following 1.the size:length/width/height/eave height? 2.The location of the building and its usage. 3.The local climate,such as:wind load,rain load,snow load? 4.The doors and windows size,quantity,position? 5.What kind of panel do you like?sandwich panel or steel sheet panel? 6.Do you need crane beam inside the building?if need,what’s the capacity? 7.Do you need skylight? 8.Do you have any other requirements? Established in year 2003, Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd, with registered capital 16 million RMB, located in Dongcheng Development district, Linqu County,Taila is one of the largest steel structure related produsts manufacturer in China, specializes in construction design, manufacturing, instruction project construction, steel structure material etc. ,has the most advanced product line for H section beam, box column, truss frame, steel grid, light steel keel structure. Tailai also has the high precision 3-D CNC drilling machine, Z & C type purlin machine,multi-model color steel tile machine, floor deck machine, and fully equipped inspection line. Tailai has a very strong tecnology strength,including employee over 180,three senior engineers,20 engineers,one level A registered structural engineer,10 level A registered architectural engineers,50 level B registered architectural engineer,over 50 technicians. After years of development, now have 3 factories and 8 production lines. The factory area is more than 30000 square meters. and has been awarded ISO 9001 certificate and PHI Passive House Certificate. Exporting to more than 50 countries. Based on our hard work and wonderful group spirit, we will promote and popularize our products in more countries.

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