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Metal decorative wall panel for light steel house material Exterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-house--- Your company is factory or trade company . A: Our company is professional manufacturer of prefab house . Our main products include steel structure building ,light steel prefab house,steel material and so on. --- Can you installation ? A: we can send you the installation drawing to guide you. --- Can we customize the wall and roof panel ? A : yes , we can according your requirement to manufacture the steel panel.The decorative panel widely used in residential house ,light steel vllia, prefab house, construction building as interior and exterior wall decorative .-- light,less land,earthquake - proofed,anti-crack Decorative panel have light weight, high strength, good impact resistance. Its light weight not only reduces the burden of the building itself, but also greatly reduces the impact of earthquakes on buildings. The plate is installed in the light steel structure building, strong integrity, anti - cracking, strong security. -- Flame retardant and water-proof Decorative panel after special treatment, has good flame retardant, safe. The traditional wall decoration materials, due to the existence of water through the cold caused by the degradation of the substrate, leading to indoor wall seepage and other issues. It adopts convex plug compact installation buckle slot, to avoid destroying the structure of buildings caused by the rain, snow, freezing, thawing, dry and wet cycles,Effectively avoid the indoor wall mildew phenomenon.Even in the cold region, the performance of the external wall insulation decoration integrated board will not be water seepage deformation, extended the service life of the building. -- Noise reduction and quiet and comfortable The core material is a thermal insulation layer made of high density polyurethane foam. Its interior is an independent closed bubble structure, with good sound insulation effect. It is suitable for buildings, hospitals, schools and other buildings near the noise area, which can effectively reduce the outdoor noise into the room and keep the indoor environment quiet and comfortable -- Decorative and various colors can be choosed Exterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-house Exterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-house
Standard size 3800mm (L) x 380mm( W) x 16mm (H)
Area of each sheet 1.444㎡
Weight 3.7kg/㎡
Package quantity 10sheets
Package  In paper carton
We customized the decorative panel according your requirement if you provide us the details information

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